A few months ago, I decided to leave the comforts of my home, a promising career, and a happy bunch of loving people..

Because I’m curious.

Now, I am one of the many pinoys living in Singapore. I am working as a Business Relations Manager in one of the MNC’s here. Moving here and landing a good job was an act of faith and total surrender. Three months into the new environment, I must say I have already acquainted myself fairly well to the Singapore Culture, not as a tourist, but as a local waiting in bus stops, drinking water straight from the faucet, brisk walking on escalators, whilst contributing to their economic growth.

The place, so far, has been good to me. Of course, I miss my home country and the people I have left behind but overall, I must say, that God has really blessed with this great opportunity.

This blog is dedicated to my chosen adventure. A new place.. A new beginning.. Share my journey as it happens.

This is a slice of my life. Leave it or live with it.


There is a required decorum for people visitng my cyberturf. You are not supposed to whine, unless you’re worthy of my respect; and unless the subject of your frustration is your own unproductive life or your futile attempts to validate your existence.




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