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How to maximize your Sunday respite – Part 1

Today is Thurday–and so the countdown to weekend begins.. If you have already mapped out your weekend activities, then good for you.

Weekends, particularly Sundays, are rare opportunities to restore our sanity recharge prior to braving another work week. And while not all Sundays are created equal, here are some of the ways to maximize the official rest day of the week:

1. Sleep in.. just a ‘little’ longer. (Just a little or you’d be lethargic and unproductive throughout the day..)

2. Enjoy a hearty brunch with loved ones. (Best with strawberries, champagne, and dark chocolates!)

3. Control the urge to open work email. (Hide your planner under your bed, if you must)

4. Have a nice chat with someone 10 years older or 10 years younger. (Their insights are amazing!)

5. Join us @ The Feast:

Photocredit: Jessica Sespene


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Pic(k)s of the Week – March 22

I am perfectly content with the way my wellness program is progressing. My next review will be in three weeks—so in three weeks, shall I update.


I was looking for a particular photo to use in my send-off postcard to a dear friend who will be leaving for a special assignment real soon when I stumbled upon these:

Impromptu dinner on the night before I left for SG @ Cafe Mary Grace, Alabang Town Center

Dinner before heading to Starbucks Monday @ Cyma, Alabang Town Center

Almost New Year Mongolian Dinner @ Hacienda Dela Fuente, Tagaytay (Photo by Paolo Dela Fuente)

Ria wins the bet. Sunday brunch @ Spiral, Sofitel (Photo by Van Abrenica)

Pia and Mike's Wedding in Tagaytay (Photo by Joe Joson)

2008 Christmas Party.. May mumu sa likod! Haha (Photo by Dee Borromeo)

Notice the color-coordination? Well, most of our photos seem we’re always in uniform.. These were unplanned (except for official activities) and we only realized our monochromatic color scheme when the photos were uploaded. Well, “great minds think alike,” they say..

I really miss my Kinse Loves!

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4 Kilos and Counting..

Yes indeed! I have dropped this much a month after I posted my self-imposed wellness commandments and strictly abiding by it. This is a safe number considering almost all of these kilos were taken from fat (as proven by the in-body analysis) and not muscles (that’s why crash diets don’t work!).

How I did it?

1. Detox program for 2 weeks – made me really cranky and crave for Mexican food, macarons, souffle, and bolognese

2. I walked and walked.. Ran and swam.. and spent 2 Saturdays biking at the East Coast Park

3. Cheated with KFC, Tita Nanec’s molo soup, mint chocolate, Marty’s, chili crab, and Candy’s pasta — just made sure they were worth every calorie!!!

4. Read and researched, checked food labels..

5. Followed the health commandments.

Now I’m on Phase 2.. New program.. Let’s see in a month’s time!

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