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10 Commandments Minus 10 Kilos

Truth be told, I have gained another 3kg in 2010. (Additional 3kg to the 15kg I gained in 3years while I was working for San Miguel).

Likewise, my Manila vacation last week proved to be detrimental, not only in keeping the weight off but also in not gaining unnecessary calories. So, in one beautiful evening in Cafe Breton, West Gate, Alabang, 5 friends and I signed a ‘formal contract’ to signify our fitness commitment. Drafted by Atty. J (yeah, that’s how serious we are!!), the contract stipulates the following clauses:

      – That I, Atty. J, and R commit to lose 10Kg. By May 2011 (2lbs a week is healthy)

     – That if Atty. J loses the necessary inches to fit into a Hugo Boss suit, he will be entitled to the aforementioned suit to be purchased by the other 5 signatories

     – That if I and R lose the same amount of weight, Atty. J shall fly all 8 of us to Vietnam and Cambodia

     – **Legal and healthy method only

In my commitment to pursue a lifestyle change, I have drafted the personal commandments I intend to follow to a) Shed off the 18Kg I gained in the last 4 years and b) Keep them off for as long as I live. Hence, my 10 minus 10kg commandments:

1. I shall learn to unlove dairy-based desserts. (This is number one because this is the most painful of them all. I literally stalled after typing this to convince myself that this is the right thing to do).

2. I shall run and swim at least 4 hours a week.

3. I shall keep the ratio of fruits and veggies to meat to 3:1

4. I shall only consume rice and pasta on days I am going to do heavy workout.

5. I shall take the public transport, instead of hailing a cab (unless it’s midnight).

6. I shall ditch any mode of transport if travel is within ‘reasonable’ walking distance.

7. Following rule 6#, I shall wear, or bring comfortable shoes wherever I go. No excuses.

8. I shall make a conscious effort to drink plenty of water (and avoid milkshakes, milk tea, and coffee in plastic packet).

9. I shall only consume a maximum of 2 glasses of wine per week (only if I have to).

10. I shall not go clothes shopping unless I reach my ideal weight.

I have also been doing research on accupuncture treatment for weightloss. (Yes, that’s how desperate I am to bring back the beach-bod silhouette I donned some time ago.) But in doing so, I have to shell out some funds amounting to these:

Yes, indeed. That’s how pricey the treatment would be.

Sigh. Looks like you babies would have to wait looooonger.



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