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Margarita’s: Mexican Food Trip

Location: Dempsey Hill






Beef Fajitas

(really good!!!)


Enchiladas De Pollo Con Mole

(with chocolate!!!)


We really enjoyed our Christmas Day dinner..

with this, our ‘appetizer’


I shall return. 



I need a better camera..


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Wee Nam Kee: Best Chicken Rice in Singapore (?)

They say it’s the best Chicken Rice in Singapore..

So off we went..

..and savored a double-dose of oily, ginger-y, chicken-y goodness.

I must say that this Hainanese Chicken is worth every calorie. And worth every cheap dollar spent.

I wonder if Wee Nam Kee in Manila is as good..?


Wee Nam Kee

275 Thomson Road #01-05 Novena Ville Singapore

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Baby Boom


I haven’t been updating recently because I have been busy vacationing, getting well, and preparing for another vacation. Well, what else would you do with 21.5 days of VL?? =)

While all of these happen in my life, Singapore is busy campaigning for increased “unguarded” intimacy among married couples. Apparently, they need to boost their population (with the hopes of displacing foreigners, eventually *sad*) by 1M in the next 20 years.

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Weekends in Singapore: Saturday BBQ

Date: 08 January 2011
Location: Heart of Tampines and Pasir Ris
Photos (with permission): Lean Tibia 


It was a simple fellowship activity set for the married couples of LOJ Singapore. But since I happen to live where it was held (and they probably needed another person to gorge on the yummy leche flan), I was invited anyway.

The guests-of-honor were the Pasir Risians, Senkangites, Tampiners and Bedosians (originally Bedokers, until its ‘locals’ protested).


January marks the beginning of Diet Season—or so I thought..

We were hoping to take a photo of the caldereta but for some reason, it disappeared into oblivion. I just remembered someone yelling “Wag na kayo umasa, patatas nalang ang natira!”

Guess what happened next?

The potatoes followed suit,

with not even a trace of the sauce left.

So with only the bee-hon left for ta-pao, we decided to play the classic pinoy game: Pinoy Henyo (in Singlish: Yes, No-Lah, Can!!). The kids outscored the adults.

 Some of the basic questions were,

“Am I scared of it?”

“Is it found in school?”

“Do I hate it?”

“What is ‘bawang’ ?”


The ‘aunties’ then taught the fledglings another classic, Dr. Quack-Quack.

The kids had so much fun that everyone wanted to be Dr. Quack-Quack.


‘Twas a lovely evening indeed.


(Tito Lean, this is a really good photo of the place.. gujab!)

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Welcoming 2011

Moments from the SILOSO BEACH PARTY. 31.12.10

Arriving early in Sentosa to avoid the influx of party people.          



Hoping for a greater 2011.



Waiting for the countdown..




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